I have so many books

For me as an avid reader, there is nothing better than escaping into the pages of a good book. I have so many books at home it is becoming almost like my own little library, so there is always plenty of scope when deciding what I want to read. Although I enjoy a wide range of fiction titles, most recently I have been drawn to reading non-fiction and self improvement books to greater expand my personal development and add some diversity to my bookshelf too. My bookshelf is now so full that I’m already parting with the first books. I sell some used books and get money for new books.

During the current lockdown, I have been taking the time to pursue new hobbies, and this has included reading more spiritual books and books surrounding the topic of self improvement. Reading books on spirituality and philosophy are more than just a hobby, they are a way to get gain a deeper understanding not just of myself, but of the world around me too. Books on the topic of spirituality are especially important during long periods of isolation as they give a window into the future, a glimpse as to how one’s life can be improved through a greater connection to the seen and unseen world. Spiritual books can also help with understanding and recovering from traumatic life events by allowing us to see outside of ourselves and appreciate that although we cannot control all the events that impact our existence, we can always choose how we want to handle the outcome. I have found the spiritual books of Eckhart Tolle and Jay Shetty particularly helpful in this capacity as they combine both a modern outlook with many traditional thought practices.

Along with books on spirituality, philosophy books have also improved my life greatly in recent months too. Philosophy is all about persuasion, about trying to make the reader buy into your argument and change their point of view to more closely align with yours. Reading philosophy is both intriguing, interesting and exciting and can be applied to all aspects of everyday life, despite many of the most famous philosophers having lived centuries ago, such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates. Unlike books on spirituality, philosophy is also about the collective as well as the individual and can be used as a great tool in work as well as for hobby purposes, which is also why I particularly love to read books on philosophy too.

After reading lots of spiritual and philosophical books, it has encouraged me to start writing and journaling my thoughts and daily experiences. Journaling is similar to keeping a diary, something I did as a teenager, however unlike a diary which implies an accurate depiction of the day’s events, journaling is more about writing down your thoughts and intentions so that you can create greater focus for the day ahead. It can be a great way to relax and can also aid with meditation, a topic which I have also enjoyed exploring further when reading spiritual books and how to guides as well.

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